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Dysport an effective, non invasive treatment for wrinkles and fine lines. Treat moderate to severe  forehead lines and glabella lines sometimes called frown lines or 11 line.  Fast- acting, spreading quickly and evenly. Dysport disables the nerves around the injection site. Limits muscle movement, relaxing the area and smoothing out the skin.

  • Does not freeze your face
  • Treats many different areas
  • Provides incredible results
  • Effects appear soon after your treatment
  • Last 3-4 months

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Refine your facial features in a natural way with Restylane. 

Restylane, a dermal filler is firm and able to retain its shape over time. It provides a contour and lift.

– Lift to the cheeks

– Smoothing smile lines

-Add volume to the lips

-Adding volume to the backs of the hands.

– last 6- 18 months depends on the area

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