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What is Morpheus-8?

The Morpheus-8 (M-8) hand piece uses both radio frequency and micro-needling for skin remodeling.

  • No downtime is associated
  • Safe on any skin type
  • Non-surgical procedure
  • Can be used on patients that just took sun the same day

M-8 targets the sub-dermal layers of skin and tissue to both remodel and stimulate collagen production with no downtime.

Patients may have a light sunburn feeling for an hour or two. Depending on how aggressive the treatment is, a patient may have some faint bruising and/or redness for 48-72 hours.

Morpheus-8 treats:

    • Skin Tightening


    • Acne Scars
    • Surgical Scars


    • Stretch Marks
    • Fine Lines & Wrinkles


    • Hyperhidrosis

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    Key Benefits of M-8 Treatment

    • Deep and safe fractional treatment penetrating 4000 microns with an additional thermal profile of 1000+ microns.
    • Extremely uniform effect.
    • Little to no thermal damage to dermis(outer layer of skin)
    • Safe on all skin types

    Triton Laser Hair Removal

    Triton Laser Hair Removal

    Triton laser hair removal uses multi-wavelength energies that work simultaneously to treat a wide range of hair removal concerns on ALL skin types.

    First and only FDA cleared device to have simultaneous firing of multiple wavelengths, allowing for patients to have full coverage in fewer treatments.

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    Why Should I Choose Triton Laser Hair Removal?

    • Two wavelengths are better than one - Triton laser hair removal simultaneously fires a blend of two wavelengths specifically for your skin type. This allows us to treat at different depths, which means that a Triton laser hair removal session is roughly equal to two sessions with a competitive device.
    • Fewer treatments equals less pain and less time spent in the office. No other hair removal device can claim fewer than six treatments to reach an endpoint.
    • Triton laser hair removal uses advanced contact cooling. The crystal of the laser is applied directly on the skin and is cooled to 0° F. This eliminates the need for dangerous chemicals that are used for cooling with other systems.

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    Laser hair removal is a permanent solution to a lifelong problem. There is no other treatment in aesthetics that can save you fifteen minutes in the shower EVERY MORNING.

    In addition to removing the hair, laser hair removal reduces folliculitis (bumps) and visible follicles even when you are shaved. So not only are you less hairy, but your skin has improved texture and appearance.

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